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FAQ: Web & Email Hosting

How do I know that I'll have a reliable hosting provider for my Web site?

To simplify the process of getting your Web site up and running, we automatically arrange your Web site hosting for you. We partner with leading, reliable hosting providers as well.

What capabilities are available on a web server?

Most hosting arrangements will include other capabilities such as statistics about the number of visitors, secure servers to protect customer privacy, and E-mail accounts.

What does a shared web server cost?

The yearly fees charged for shared web hosting start from RM200, for high-speed and e-commerce hosting is start from RM600 to RM3,000.

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What is a web server and how do I choose one?

A web server is a computer with a high-speed Internet connection that sends out your web pages each time a visitor comes to your site.

While it is possible to put your web site on an office computer, the cost of the high-speed Internet connection you would need is quite high. Instead, most businesses keep their web site on a remote web server provided by a hosting provider that charges a monthly fee.

Many hosting companies will offer different options for different kinds of sites. A good deal will have the speed, capabilities, service, and price you need.

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What is bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the amount of information that can travel through the connection at the same time, akin to the diameter of a pipe. Video, sound, and pictures, all take up more bandwidth, so if you want multimedia on your site, you should certainly consider a high-speed hosting provider.

How much will my hosting provider charge me to transfer my Web address (domain name) to use with my new Web site?

Most hosting providers do not charge to transfer a Web address. Please note that JustSimple Dotcom does not charge for this transfer at all; any transfer charges that you may incur would come directly from your current hosting provider.

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