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Inhouse & Custom Training

JustSimple's customised In-House Training Program saves your public power system time and money. The idea is simple. Any existing JustSimple workshop, or a new program of your choice, can be presented to your staff, management or board, at your facility or a nearby location.


On-site training at one of ours client's office.


There are many advantages to in-house training:

  • Customized Programming
    JustSimple works closely with you to assess your specific needs and to design programmes tailored to the unique interests of your organisation. For example, your organisation need to have a web portal which can join-develop and maintain by your staff in future.

  • Cost-Effective
    Participation in in-house training results in substantial savings in transportation and lodging costs. You save training dollars because you reduce the cost per person by training more people at once.

  • Team Participation
    Training your staff as a group creates an atmosphere of camaraderie. Participants, by working together, develop a team approach to reaching common goals and setting organisational direction.

  • Top Instructors
    All of JustSimple's instructors are experts in their field and have received top ratings from past participants. They are experienced facilitators who know how to draw on the participants' collective experience by using a variety of instructional techniques.

Scheduling a Program Is Easy

If you are interested in a flexible, cost-effective way to enhance your employees' or board members' skills, please contact us at 603-7885 0606 or fax a Request for Information to 603-7885 0707. Our instructor will review your program objectives with you and help you design a program that is right for your organisation.


Fee Structure

Typically, JustSimple will charge a flat fee plus travel expenses for the instructor(s). This fee covers course development, instruction, course materials, and shipping. You will be responsible for obtaining a training room, covering on-site expenses (i.e., audio-visual equipment, refreshments, etc.) and marketing the program. As desired, your organisation can collect a registration fee from each attendee. Depending on the course objectives, attendance is limited since these courses are highly interactive.


Unlimited Choices

Here's a sampling of the courses that are available to you for in-house training:

  • Web Design using CSS / DHTM L/ HTML5
  • Web Design using Adobe Dreamweaver & Fireworks
  • Web Design using Microsoft Expression Studio
  • Web Development using ASP / ASP.NET
    Web Development using PHP / MYSQL
  • Web Development using ColdFusion
  • Opensource CMS using Wordpress / Joomla / Drupal
  • Opensource E-Commerce using Magento, Wordpress Ecommerce
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social Media Initiatives & Implementation
  • Internet Marketing
  • Web Portal Design & Implementation (even we can customise for your real project needs)

Descriptions for these courses are available upon request. Please feel free to contact us at 603-7885 0606 or e-mail with your training requirements.

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